When you’re actively knitting a project, you’re often just focused on the stitches right in front of you. Do you have to knit? Do you have to purl? Are you making a cable? What does the chart say? How many stitches did you do in this section?

So, sometimes, it’s quite a surprise to take a step back and look at the fabric you’re creating.

Tonight I got to the point where I’m working the sleeve caps for Zig Zag. I moved them to separate needles to work indepedently because magic loop doesn’t work so well for knitting two items flat. And I finished one off. And that’s when I took a really good look at it.

Look at the pretty zig zag eyelets. Look at those nice even cables. Wow, this is going to be a neat sweater.

Unfortunately, that observation was quickly followed by “Hey, wait, that cable’s twisted wrong a few rows back”. 10 minutes to unravel those stitches and fix it. Then “Oh no, a zig zag eyelet is misplaced 30 rows back” (if you look really closely at the bottom of the center zig zag, you can see it). *sigh* I’ll have to fix that tomorrow. Then, “Oh crap! Two eyelets are misplaced in separate columns about 2/3s down the sleeve!”. A few moments of wondering whether I should really bother to fix it were quickly follwed by knowing that every time I wore it, I would stare at my sleeves and feel annoyed. I guess some quality time with the crochet hook is in my future.

Until then, I’m going to pet my purple Art Yarns Merino a little more. *whimper*