And now for something a little different…

A friend sent me this link of knitting art. It’s both cartoonish and unsettling. Kind of like Itchy and Scratchy from The Simpsons.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Me, I’m still giggling.


  1. Stephanie:

    That is too damn funny! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Anna:

    Ohmigod! I want you to knit me some of these things. But what? The pink dominatrix chamber? The bike accident? The teddy impaled on a unicorn? Okay, I’ll settle for the monkey. :)

  3. amy!:

    I’d love to knit some of those things. I wish there were patterns available.

  4. Stacie:

    That is so crazy!

  5. Elizabeth Long:

    Hi — I’m wondering if you have that Hanne Falkenberg chart you mentioned. I’m just starting it, and would love to piggy-back on someone’s previous work. If not, though, not! It’s just sort of hard to keep track of all the at-the-same-times, and following someone’s trail would help make it less intimidating. The co-owner of Twisted Yarns (wonderful yarn store in Spring, near Houston, TX) has made it, but it’s hard to get in when she’s around, and it’s been a while for her. Love all your other projects, too…. and I’d love to do the Whirlygig Scarf!!
    Happy Holidays,

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