Ready for take-off

Last night I finished the principal knitting on Zig Zag, delving into old episodes of The Twilight Zone on the Tivo to finish the last sleeve not long before midnight. I was all set to fix the errors in that sleeve with the pins and crochet hook, but after I ripped the column of stitches back and started working on it, and looked at the other one that also needed to be done, I gave in and ripped it out. And then knit like a mad-woman.

So all that’s left is sewing in the sleeves. Tomorrow I fly out to LA for work for a couple of days, so the finishing has to wait until I get back.

But Mermaid is coming with me. Having tested out the techniques and decided on my i-cord treatment, I was able to do a little gauge swatching yesterday. I’m using my size 3 Addis (3.25 mm). I would a few balls of yarn and I’m all ready to cast on. Maybe if I pack quickly tonight, I’ll get it started.