Swimming in the shallow end

I’ve waded into Mermaid.

I did a simple long tail cast on with Color C that is intended as a provisional cast on to be removed later and replaced with an i-cord bind off. Started knitting with Color A from the collar down and started the main directions. I made good headway on the plane. Just about to start the 2nd gusset.

Working with my spreadsheet is a breeze. Noticed a few tiny issues, but mostly it’s spot on. Will issue an update soon.

Pictures later.


  1. Anna:

    Pictures sooner rather than later! :) I bet it’s lovely, you perfectionist.

  2. amy!:

    Don’t worry, pictures will be soon. I was just too exhausted to pull out the camera last night (my 2 hour nap cut into that too). I’ll snap it tonight.

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