…Because that’s the opposite of “seam”. Although it’s not as catchy as “tink”.

Yesterday I sat down with Zig Zag and started sewing in the sleeves.

This is what all the pieces looked like:

As I was pining one sleeve in, I noticed that the armhole and sleeve caps were not equally sized and a closer look revealed that my tension got a bit tighter in my sleeves. Once again, I suffer the problem of setting a project aside for a long time.

Anyway, I decided to sew the sleeve in and see if it looked okay.

And I tried it on, and it did! The sleeve fits me really closely on the upper arm, but it doesn’t bunch or gap anywhere, and the swatch I did grew when I blocked it, so I have confidence that this will relax some.

This morning, I got up intending to sew in the second sleeve while the blizzard swirled around outside. While my husband tackled the driveway with the snowblower, I settled into the couch with my needle.

I finished a little while ago. And I ripped off my sweater and turtleneck and pulled it on. I carefully inspected it in the mirror, looking at the seam, pleased that it didn’t gape or bunch funny. As I was walking back to the couch preparing to remove it to block it, I noticed a small yarn tail sticking out on the sleeve. I looked closer, to figure out how to pull it back to the wrong side, when I realized that I was staring at the wrong side!. Yes, I had sewed the sleeve on inside out.

I’ve since un-seamed it. It’s sitting on the coffee table while I calm down and gather up the courage to start it again. In the meantime, I decided to make a quick Odessa with a ball of Lana Gatto Feeling that I’d bought to see how I liked it for Zig Zag. The silk and cashmere will soothe me. Hoping to have some sort of finished object today…

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  1. Scott:

    D’oh. That must be frustrating! Now I don’t feel so bad for having trouble seeing how knits fit together. :)

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