Swimming along…

I spent a lot of time with Mermaid last night. I’m now in the middle of the 3rd hem gusset. I had a counting issue with the YOs on my armhole gusset. I’m not sure if I charted something wrong on the spreadsheet or if I miscounted when I knit. I was only a stitch off, so I’m not concerned. It looks fine and it will be under my arm anyway. But I will spend some time with some graph paper to see if I can’t work it out for the next one and fix it on the spreadsheet.

Here’s what she looks like…curvy:

After the armhole, the pattern has you cast on stitches to bring it back to the back width. It suggests you use a double strand on your thumb and a single strand on your index finger for a long-tail cast-on. I found a technique I liked a lot. I wound off a long piece of color C from the outside of the ball. I doubled it and tied a slip knot at the fold. I inserted this slip-knot between the last two stitches on my right needle. Then I used both tails from the slip knot on my thumb and the working yarn from the right needle on my index finger and cast on my stitches, remembering that my slip-knot was the first one. At the end, your working yarn is exactly where you want it to be to knit the RS row.

I also worked a bit on my hat idea with some spare yarn. I found a few issues and I need to work it a bit longer to see if it does what I want it to do. Then I’ll try working up real prototype with the Artyarns stripes that I’m using for Whirligig.

I’m also thinking about a sock pattern. I’m a font of creativity these days. I think I need to start carrying around a notebook to jot these things down in and work them out.