Mass Consumerism (Stitches, part 1)

Of course, I bought a lot of yarn. But I bought a lot of things too. A variety of notions that were just plain convenient so I snapped them up (an Addi needle gauge, some brass stitch markers without joins, a circular row counter). And I bought a few new Addi needles because the step between “oooh, it would sure be convenient to have a smaller diameter for X” and actually buying the needle was far, far too small. But I grabbed a few things just because they were neat.

My very first purchase in the market place was this:

If you can’t read the writing, it’s glow-in-the-dark yarn! And it works too! It’s fine enough that it could be knit together with a main yarn to create a hidden message. Don’t have any specific plans for it, but my bag was empty and it was just too cool to pass up.

Another thing I got was this:

That’s a Weavette mini-loom (2×2 inches) and a book of stuff to do with it. I don’t aim do to large weaving projects, but this seemed like some small fun. And I imagine I could make a bunch of squares with the bin full of tiny balls of spare yarn I have and turn them into squares for various charity projects. And save my actual knitting for larger projects.

Move over Pink Chibi, there’s a new kid in town:

I already have a green Chibi and I love the bent-tip needles. But I also like see-through things. So I bought one.

So, I didn’t have many goals for my weekend at Stitches. I wanted to go see a big yarn market. I wanted to touch some of the yarns I’d heard about. I signed up for a few classes just because I thought they might be interesting. But one thing I did want to do was to try to find a good knitting bag. Currently, I drag knitting projects around in any of a variety of Clinique Bonus Time bags. The straps are sometimes long enough to throw over my shoulder. A small zippered one sits inside, holding all my tools (gauge ruler, markers, stitch holders, Chibi, etc). No matter what I do, I end up dragging around knitting and a purse and still don’t have much space for any purchases I might make, or to bring a book, etc.

I wanted something I could take places with me. That was convenient for travelling on trains or planes. Something with lots of space and compartments. But also something that fit my style.

I was despairing of finding anything I liked at all. I saw many lined baskets that had no pockets and threatened to spill over if stored at the wrong angle. I saw a bunch of bags that screamed “Your mom would love this!!”. Aside from the fact that those also didn’t have many pockets, I naturally had to run from them.

Looking around at the other Market-goers, I wasn’t inspired. I saw many roller-bags pressed into service. I saw shopping trolleys. And every variety of hand or shoulder bag pressed into service. Many seemed functional but not practical.

Well, halfway through my first pass of the Market floor, I stumbled into Jordana Paige’s booth. Three stylish bags were displayed and all of them caught my eye. While Jordana was writing up a sale, her mom gave me a tour of the bags and their features. I was tempted by the microfiber bag and the leather bag (especially the purple one), but the tour of the Messenger Bag told me I didn’t have to look any further.

Here’s my new bag:

It’s got lots of pockets and compartments. A change purse, a ring to snap your keys onto. Slots for credit cards, knitting accessories, pens, cell phone, and other purse items.

And a funky loop inside to keep your working yarn in one safe place coming out the side of your bag:

So, Momma Paige showed me all of those neat features and I was already excited. My credit card was in hand. I was eager to have my bag. And then she showed me the inside of the flap…

That’s a pattern holder!!! No need to risk leaving it on the seat of the train or spilling a beverage on it. No fishing back into your bag when you reach a point where you have to refer to your pattern. Just flip up the flap and take a glance! This tickles me so much I can barely stand it.

UPDATE: Becky asked how big the Messenger bag is. I’d call it “generously sized”. In the last photo, you’ll note that the pattern holder is holding an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. The outside pocket held the large envelope that contained all my Stitches registration information. I could easily see putting a 3-ring binder in it. The dimensions (and more photos) are here.


  1. Becky:

    Wow, I love that bag. How big is it? Do you have any pictures of you holding it for scale? I’m thinking that may be a great purchase for me going back to school next year.

    And I’m very intrigued by the glow in the dark yarn. What an interesting idea.

  2. Vicki:

    Nice! That really isn’t a bad price either. I expected worse. The glow in the dark yarn is just too fun!

  3. Alex:

    Nice bag!!! I’m a sucker for a bag with lots of pockets for everything, and I love the working yarn loop.

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