Consumerism Gone Wild (Stitches West market, part 3)

So, I really haven’t shown you any yarn. Now, I didn’t plan to buy a lot of yarn. I figured that most things I’d see I’d be able to order and I was hoping not to have to ship anything home (although the convention center had a UPS Store located right outside the Market). But I don’t think any self-respecting knitter could leave that hall without a few skeins of something. I was no exception. But I was rather restrained.

First up, a skein of wool/tencel sock yarn from Ellen’s Half-Pint Farm. I really liked the red/grey colorway:

Next up is my take from Tess’ Designer Yarns. Tess’ booth is a riot of color. They have amazing saturated colors and their 4-slot booth was organized by color with skeins of yarn piled up on the tables. But I found it very off-putting. Most of the yarn came in loose hanks that were all tossed together in a huge pile. You had to dig through to find things. Which meant that most of the hanks were sadly manhandled. My friend K joined me on Friday afternoon and I wanted to get something to make her a gift. She was drawn to the colors but we couldn’t find much I’d be happy buying. Even if the yarn was salvagable, I had no idea how I’d be able to wind it without making a scary mess.

Anyway, at the front of their booth, they featured their Microfiber Ribbon yarn. A sleek shiny yarn that knits up into very interesting fabric. Color saturation like silk. In the end, I decided to give this one a try. At least I won’t have to worry about felted knots.

So I got these:

The first two are for K. I had a scarf pattern in mind for her. A nice fashion item in her favorite colors. However, my dropped stitches class gave me some new ideas. I’ll be swatching stuff up to show her and see what she likes. However, as you saw, my first attempt at a swatch went horribly awry.

The other two are for our friend M, who will be having knee surgery after a skiing incident. I wanted to make her something nice and pretty. And while socks might actually be snuggly, I imagine she’ll find it hard to put them on after the surgery!

Next up, I succumb to the Blue Moon booth…