Consumerism that Rocks (Stitches West market, part 4)

Today we cover my 3 passes through the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth. They are the folks that make Socks that Rock. And they were swamped with people grabbing it like there was no tomorrow. Everytime I passed by, there was something different on that wall.

First up, I bought a skein of StR in Hot Flash, their special breast cancer colorway. I walked the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk (60 miles in 3 days) last October in Tampa, FL. I’m thinking about doing another walk this year, so this yarn will probably become some sort of donation incentive. They are having a special Breast Cancer Challenge where you can sumbit your designs using their yarns for prizes. Of course, the card announcing the challenge was attached to an emergency skein of Hot Flash StR (hey, maybe that will be the incentive!):

In addition, I bought a few other colorways.

This is Lagoon. It’s got navy blue, olive, some indigo/purple, and grey:

This is Tanzanite, which is a variety of purple shades:

And I bought several skeins of Atomic #6 in the heavyweight variety. It’s closer to a DK/sportweight and I’ll probably make a top out of it. Shades of dark burgundy and navy blue:

And believe it or not, although I couldn’t bring a kitten home with me, all my purchases did fit in my suitcase!