Letting it loose (Stitches West classes, part 2)

I’m no stranger to dropped stitches, having completed 3 Clapotis and designing a matching hat. Further, I’d been thinking about other uses for dropped sittches and have a few ideas in mind to play with (that I might show you someday). So when I saw the list of classes at Stitches West, it was the Deliberate Drops class by Chris Byslma that caused me to book a flight.

We had a few homework swatches to prepare. The first was a simple stockinette swatch. It was to get us used to the idea of dropping. Because this is just a square Clapotis, I was flying right along. But hey, what’s that on the side? Fringe made from dropped stitches!

The second swatch was an exercise in seeing how dropped stitches can offset cables. The class sample that was posted when I signed up featured this and was what really encouraged me to join. The cables you see are just random ones I grabbed out of Vogue Knitting. But I like the way they get offset by the drops. With a little planning, you can do something quite stellar.

This third swatch we made in class. It uses limited-run drops. I like it very, very much. And I’ve already sketched out a few thigns to do with it.

Finally, we made a funny horizontal ribbed swatch that combined a few different techniques. And when we were done, we sewed it all together and made a cute little hat! Mine will only fit a small baby doll.

I found this class to be well worth it. It validated a few ideas I was already thinking about. And it gave me a few new ones. I’ve already got a larger project in mind for the Blue Moon Breast Cancer Challenge. But you probably won’t see that one for a while.

You can see more of Chris’ work on her website She was wearing a bright pink Chutes and Ladders cardigan in class that was stunning. My understanding is that she doesn’t sell patterns directly from her website, but there is a list of online vendors you can order from.

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