Consumerism that shines (Stitches West market, part 5)

In my final post about Stitches West (sniff), I’ll show you a few other things that were on sale in the market. There was plenty of yarn, plenty of yarn-related products (patterns, books, needles, other miscellany). There were also a lot of neat buttons (to fasten those sweaters with). And there was a lot of jewelry.

I spent a bunch of time at a booth run by Harlan. A lovable, friendly guy, he took a shine to me right away. He also had amazing glass beads. I’ve seen a lot of lamp-worked beads and his technique blew me away. I saw two matched beads on a rod and knew I had to have them as earrings. He made them for me while I was standing there:

Take a look at his website linked above. The gallery is amazing.

This is a necklace I got from Harlan too:

The other bead maker that we visited quite a bit was Oak Grove Studio. She had a lot of amazing glass, most of it quite large. The best was these spirals. I helped several people buy them:

So, now I’ve been back for a week. I’ve shown you everything. Of course, my trip there has spawned collateral projects and purchases. Plenty to give me lots to talk about here, that’s for sure!