A Happy Ending

With two more balls of yarn and a couple of nights of mad knitting, I finished the re-invented hat and gave it to Marta. Here she is modeling it:

As you can see, I made it longer and started with the points instead of giving it an even edge. A little blocking might have encouraged the points not to curl. I tried to do a crochet edge to prevent it, but that didn’t help much. But I still have the fantastic star finish on top:

It’s a bit loose, so if I were to make it again, I think I might use 8-stitch squares instead of 10-stitch ones. Marta likes it inside out:

I think it has a neat effect that way too. If it were white, it would look like meringue.

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  1. Amber:

    I really like how the hat looks inside out :)

    I need to keep my eye out for this yarn to make the short row hat from interweave!

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