More Project Runway Knits

Lisa asked me what I thought of the outcome of Project Runway. I was sweet on Nick, and after he left, pulling for Daniel. I was a little surprised by the mistakes he made in his final collection (the awful handles on those purses - use nicer wood than plywood!; the uneven hems that Tim was pointing out; that ridiculous long skirt that made Rebecca trip). However, I think I related most to his designs.

As for Chloe’s win, I was surprised. I couldn’t look at all those clunky satin numbers without thinking that the whole thing looked like a Bridesmaid’s Closet of Horrors. After listening to the judges say they liked the cuts and unusual seams, I took a closer look and agreed. In fact, some of those techniques might translate to knitting in interesting ways. I just wished she’d picked different fabrics.

I think this is the interview that Em is referring to in the comments: Kara talks about her hats. You can order one from her. It’s a great read. More behind the scenes details.

I also found a blogger that worked out a pattern to make a Kara-style hat.

But what I really want, is a pattern to make the fabulous gold crocheted number that Nina Garcia was wearing at the final judging. I couldn’t find any good close-ups. On TV, I could work out the type of stitch that was worked aross the bodice. It looks like a granny square stitch, but it’s not quite. But there’s a nifty floral pattern in the skirt.

Here’s the whole thing (from left: Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Heidi Klum):

Here’s a closer shot (from left: Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Debra Messing), but it still doesn’t give you the great detail of the bodice: