Knitting Blog Drinking Game

I’ve been surfing around and certain things crop up again and again, so I thought it would be fun to make this snarky little game. I don’t mean to offend, just to have fun with it. I hope it’s worth a laugh. Believe me, I’m certainly guilty of more than one of the drinking triggers listed below. If you have suggestions, leave a comment. I might include them!

It’s easy to play the game, pour your favorite beverage and sit down at your web browser. Alcoholic beverages are not required, but may make the game more amusing. Go through your list of favorite blogs and read the posts. If you don’t have a list of favorites, use the one in my sidebar to get you started. Or use the Knitting Blogs web ring to find some. Here: this link will take you to a random one. Make sure you have easy access to a toilet, because you’re gonna be drinking a lot.

Take 1 drink whenever a blog:
- Laments a broken needle or other yarn catastrophe.
- Declares that they have joined a knitalong.
- Displays yarn gifts sent or received in any kind of organized exchange (secret pals, sockapalooza, etc).
- Posts photos with photoshop frills that have nothing to do with clarifying the photo (silly borders or photo effects, etc, not arrows pointing out a dropped stitch).
- Declares a blog contest with a yarn prize.
- Declares yarn snobbery (”acrylics suck!”) or reverse yarn snobbery (”acrylics are the best thing ever!”).
- Posts a photo of a finished object that makes your stomach turn (doesn’t count if the blog is You Knit What??).
- Posts a photo of a pet expressing an opinion (an extra drink if the caption is photoshopped into the photo).
- Discusses their latest public knitting (”I was knitting in line at the grocery store….”).
- Discusses work on a secret project they can’t show you.
- Rants about copyright.
- Attempts Kool-Aid dyeing.
- Hosts a de-stashing sale.
- Posts a meme that has nothing to do with knitting.
- Shows negative progress on a project.
- Reviews a magazine.
- Laments having too many projects to work on, starts another anyway.
- Apologizes for how long it’s been since they posted.
- Apologizes that there are no photos for “technical” reasons (dead batteries, missing camera cable, etc.).
- Starts a post with “I really should be doing ____, but I’m blogging instead”.
- Decides to start working on the popular-project-of-the-moment (Clapotis, Jaywalkers, Rogue…).

Take 2 drinks whenever a blog:
- Uses a “racy” word or phrase (like “yarn porn”) and then says something like “(I wonder how many Google hits that will cause)”.
- Displays yarn gifts received independent of an organized exchange.
- Expresses surprise that people read their blog or comment on their projects.
- Describes something new they are attempting.
- Laments the fact that they didn’t swatch for a garment that turned out to disappoint.
- Frogs a finished project.
- Reviews a magazine preview.
- Mentions their blog-aversary or amazement at how long they’ve been blogging or how many posts they have.
- Declares they have to buy new needles because the needles they would have used to start a new project are currently in another WIP.
- Declares frustration with a knitting item or technique and swears they will never use it again (tiny needles, Magic Loop, fun fur, etc).

Take 5 drinks whenever a blog:
- Declares love for a knitting item or technique they had previously sworn off of (tiny needles, Magic Loop, fun fur, etc).
- Shows a photo of a recent stash aquisition that you yourself also just bought (does not count if you are reading your own blog, unless you have played the game so long that you don’t realize you are reading your own blog, in which case, stop playing now).
- Starts hosting a knitalong or organizes an exchange (secret pal, sockapalooza, etc).

Finish your drink whenever a blog:
- Declares they have finished their current project, have nothing on the needles, and don’t know what to do next.
- Declares they’ve stopped blogging altogether. In fact, you have to stop playing the game for the day.

Chug two full glasses whenever a blog:
- Declares they are all out of yarn…

Game ends when:
- You have to pee. Don’t you have a spouse or kids or pets or knitting that needs attention anyway?!