Hats Abound

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve finished 3 hats and 2 of them were not what I was going for. First there were the issues last week with the Basket Cap (and even though I re-made it, I’m still only calling it one hat). On Sunday, I finished Odessa. And it’s a little too small. I had gauge, I might have started knitting tighter. I have plenty of yarn, but I’ve decided not to reknit it. I’m going to put hats aside for the time being and focus on some other projects. I’ll probably give Odessa to my little niece.

Here’s Odessa (not modeled, you already got one shot of me making faces):

The third hat came out perfect. Better than perfect, actually. But I can’t say “third time’s the charm” because I actually finished it first.

Introducing The Whirlygig Tulip Hat.

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