This post is worth 4 drinks…

Well, I finished or made progress on a number of things: a new striped Whirlygig Hat (from stash), the prototype Whirlygig Scarf, the primary knitting for a number of felted catnip mice, more stripes on Mermaid. And I even took a few photos, but I forgot to transfer them from my camera, so there are none.

But I’m also a bundle of outreach activities….

I joined Project Colorswap. It’s a permutation on the secret pal idea where the package has to fit the month’s color theme. This time is orange and yellow. I’ve got a few ideas already.

I’m starting a Knitting Working Group at work. The occasional lunch meeting where we’ll meet, snack, and knit. In the beginning, I imagine I’ll be teaching people to knit. Others will just work on whatever their main project is. Eventually, we might knit for specific projects, like Phyl’s Bear Drive.

I’m also going to be taking a project class with a woman I work with. Turns out the project is the Swallow Hill necklace I got the kit for at Stitches West. So I’m all set for that. Should be coming up in a couple of weeks.

Also, I mentioned this before, but I signed up as a charter member of the Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club. And it turns out, there’s a knitalong for that too. And the yarn for that gets sent out tomorrow! I have to make sure I have some needles cleared to get started on it!