Okay, I found a major error in my Mermaid spreadsheet that affects how the shoulder stitches work. I either completely missed that instruction when I was translating for the spreadsheet, or I mis-interpreted it. The good news is that it solves something that was nagging at me about the shoulder edges. And that everyone I’ve heard from after telling them about the error has been gracious and kind about it. The bad news is that I have to do a major overhaul of the spreadsheet. And that I’ll probably end up ripping out what I have on Mermaid and redoing it because it will seriously bug me otherwise. *sigh*

So instead, I’m focusing on the fact that my Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club Package is now in the mail to me.

And today I had the first lunch knitting working group at work. Last night I made a bear for Phyl’s Bear Drive. Today I started another. Green pants and a green and white reverse stockinette striped sweater. Very appropriate to the day.

And we’ll be making green ice cream here at work in a little while. And probably freezing a few items with liquid nitrogen. That will make me smile.