Advice Needed

A couple of weeks ago I bought the knitting patterns for Wallace and Gromit dolls on eBay from a UK seller. The patterns arrived yesterday and it turns out that I received photocopies of the original patterns, not the actual pattern leaflets. Now, had I realized they would be photocopies, I would not have bid. Partly because I wouldn’t want to violate the copyright and partly because I wanted a collectable. And I certainly would not have paid the price I did. I looked over the auction listing carefully and they are all listed as “knitting pattern”, no clue that I would be receiving copies. And technically, I did receive the pattern, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Sure, they are full-color photocopies and were packaged nicely in clear sleeves, but they are also on very thin paper such that if I wanted to make working copies to protect my “originals”, they wouldn’t be very legible.

Now, I guess I could chalk this up to buyer-beware and live-and-learn. But I’m not quite sure what to do. I need to leave feedback. Do I leave negative feedback? I had scanned their feedback before I bought. There was a lot and it was overwhelmingly positive. The 4 neutral ratings received were non-descriptive and I note that some were for the same item I bought yet they are clearly listed as being photocopies. There are others where the recipient clearly received the original pattern (and paid less than me!).

Do I leave negative feedback? Do I report the seller to eBay for selling copies of copyrighted material? Do I threaten all of this and simply ask for a refund? What would you do?

In happier news, yesterday’s mail also brought my first shipment from the Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club. Included with the pattern and binder were a bumper sticker, a button, and a mini-skein of this month’s yarn. To bolster my spirits, I wound up the yarn into a ball right away. Here’s Rainforest Jasper:

The folder included a nice essay about gauge and color pooling. And pointed out that because more than 300 (!) of us will be working on the same pattern and yarn, the way the different socks turn out will be an exercise in knitting science! Loving science, I grabbed my size 1s and cast on for a gauge swatch. And I had 7.25 stitches per inch, far less than the specified gauge of 8.5 per inch. So I have to go get a size 0 needle. But the browns and golds in the mini-swatch looked like Tiger Eye, so it was really cool. Can’t wait to make the socks!

To continue the evening on a happy note, I stuffed the last bear I made for Phyl’s Bay Window Bear Drive. Making the bears was a lot of fun, and I was able to use up a bunch of small random balls in my stash. The only thing I didn’t expect, was how long it would take to sew them up and stuff them. Anyway, here’s the bear family that is going in the mail tomorrow:

They look so happy!