This is a test…

Some people have reported that they are unable to leave comments on my posts. I’ve learned that it’s an issue with WordPress, a “feature” added to prevent spam comments. Unfortunately, it returns a lot of false positives. So I’m testing something with this post. Leave a comment if you feel like it, I’ll probably delete the post eventually.

Update: Turns out, disabling that “feature” does allow people who couldn’t leave comments before to comment. So now we see how much icky comment spam I get. If it gets too bad, I suppose I’ll have to look for one of those human-verifier plug-ins. Maybe I can find one with good words. :)

But in the meantime, I look forward to hearing from more of you.


  1. amy!:

    This is a comment!

  2. Annie:

    Hi Amy! Hope this works. :)

  3. Amy:

    Will this work?

  4. Nancy J:

    Looks like it’s working!

  5. zee:

    Yes, I was here yesterday, and wasn’t able to leave a message either.

    Glad to know it’s working now. :)

  6. Lynne:

    Here’s a comment…Let’s see if it goes!

  7. Lynne:

    Well, look at that. You are in business!

  8. Erick Fernanders:

    Lol wow, i had never believed about issues like that before, but you do convey up some fascinating details. nice article

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