When do I show up on the side of the freeway?

I was reading my gMail last week, which always has a bunch of ads discretely placed around the window, usually topical to what your mail is about. Well, it’s my Needles & Hooks account, so it’s got a lot of mail about knitting and the ads follow. Usually I see little 1-line ads at the top for Knit Picks or other knitting stores.

However, a new one caught my eye: John Malkovich Knits.

Sadly, it’s not a blog and he doesn’t appear to actually make anything himself. It’s a line of clothing that he has designed, and there are a few sweaters. But I spent far too much time afterwards chanting “Malkovich, Malkovich”.

I found another odd ad today as well: Save the Sheep. Apparently, wool is cruel. Maybe not “fur is dead” cruel, but “no matter what it’s called, any kind of wool causes harm to the animals from whom it is taken.” Don’t visit the link above if you don’t want to see distressing pictures. I wonder what Dolores would have to say about that.

Myself, I think it’s time to go home and rewatch Being John Malkovich while working on my Cedar Creek Socks.