Sometimes, you get a SIGN

I’ve been thinking about going to Maryland Sheep and Wool. I twitch about it from time to time, curious about the big to-do. Not sure whether I really want to make the trek at this point. Not sure whether my financial advisor would approve. Not sure I really want to get so close to all that pressure to learn how to spin. So I read everyone’s posts about planning their trips. And remember seeing all the goodies people got last year. And I just twitch a little.

And then today I found out about this. I’ve been a Thomas Dolby fan for a long time. Most people only know “She Blinded Me With Science”. I know the rest. Catchy fun beats. Some soulfoul ballads. But most importantly, amazing lyrics. He stopped making pop songs in the early 1990s and I never thought I’d see him perform. So I find out he’s touring by seeing a list of Ticketmaster dates. And there’s a date in Alexandria, VA on 5/8. Hmm, Monday after MS&W. I could do that. And realize it’s been a while since I’ve been to his official website.

And it turns out he’s playing in Annapolis both nights of MS&W.

Somebody wants me both places. So right after I finish this huge pile of work that’s due this week, I’m looking into flights.