Swap out:

Last month, I signed up to participate in Project: COLORSWAP. A swap that is color-themed to match the Project Spectrum colors. My swap partner for the first round (orange and yellow) is Lynne, the organizer of the whole swap. And after I signed up, I got started looking around for goodies for the box and suddenly viewing the world in orange and yellow. Always wondering, “should I put this in the box?”.

I had a long work project that ate up just about all of my free time for the last two weeks. I worked on Easter. I worked through the Patriot’s Day holiday I was supposed to have off. I worked late into the evenings, eating terribly and chained to my desk.

My two moments of break were the visit to help my friend Emma clean (and coincidentally, deliver kittens), and polishing off Lynne’s box and mailing it to her. The good news is that Emma sold her house in about 4 days to the first people who saw it and also had her bid accepted the dream house that she was selling the current one for, and Momma and the kittens are doing well. And Lynne loved her box.

Not that Easter was my influence, but I wanted to make the box full of surprises. The kind you used to get when hunting for Easter baskets. I think I accomplished that. I didn’t take any photos before I sent it off, but Lynne posted many of opening it, so go take a look. I received a box from her in the middle of all the that work hell. And set it aside so that I could really enjoy it when my project was finished. But then I got sent away to San Jose, CA for a week-long meeting.

I’m heading to the airport to go home soon. I get in somewhat late. I plan to sleep a lot. But I’m opening Lynne’s box tomorrow and will savor it all. And I’m already starting to notice a lot of green things thinking about my May colorswap partner Jen!