Okay, things have slowed down at work some and I’m getting back on my feet. And catching up in the rest of life too. After a failed start, I got a pedicure (my toes are now purple, what did you expect?) and I got to do some knitting too.

I’m making progress on Mermaid. I got past the first armhole. I made some executive decisions about the counts in the pattern and spreadsheet that I don’t like (so there will be an update soon). And I took a different tact this time round with the treatment of the yarn for the color changes at the hem. I’m carrying along all the unused colors instead of joining new at each new section. It’s working out really nicely, so there will be very few ends to deal with when it’s all over. Next time I take some pictures, I’ll post details.
Update: Mermaid knitters — don’t worry, the changes to the spreadsheet won’t make you want to frog anything. They will just make me saner. :)

And I looked at Bloglines. 440 unread posts! Ack! Some blogs I was just keeping up with over the past few weeks, others completely got away from me.