Swimming back to the surface

My past few weeks of stress and non-stop work have caught up with me and I’ve come down with a cold. My voice totally disappeared, so that meant I left work around noon yesterday and sat on the couch and knit. And I got back to the halfway point on Mermaid!

I’m home again today because the snot-monster caught up with me. Maybe I’ll make it back to the 2nd armhole where it was when I frogged before.

I mentioned before that I did something different with the color changes this time. Instead of cutting and joining anew and dealing with many tails to weave in, I just carried the unused color along, catching it on the back under the sl2wyif/wiybs. As long as I stretch the hem out before using a new color, it keeps the proper drape to the hem. Here’s some close up shots of the back.

In the first you can see the back of a hem gusset, where I’ve carried colors A and B along under color C:

In this one, you can see where I switch to the stripe section. Now I carry color C along under color B:

A couple of other updates:

Remember that lawn I planted? Here it is at the 2.5 week mark:

Remember those kittens? Here’s Two at one week:

Compare to Two at 2 hours:

More 1-week-old kitten shots can be found here