Swimming back to the surface

My past few weeks of stress and non-stop work have caught up with me and I’ve come down with a cold. My voice totally disappeared, so that meant I left work around noon yesterday and sat on the couch and knit. And I got back to the halfway point on Mermaid!

I’m home again today because the snot-monster caught up with me. Maybe I’ll make it back to the 2nd armhole where it was when I frogged before.

I mentioned before that I did something different with the color changes this time. Instead of cutting and joining anew and dealing with many tails to weave in, I just carried the unused color along, catching it on the back under the sl2wyif/wiybs. As long as I stretch the hem out before using a new color, it keeps the proper drape to the hem. Here’s some close up shots of the back.

In the first you can see the back of a hem gusset, where I’ve carried colors A and B along under color C:

In this one, you can see where I switch to the stripe section. Now I carry color C along under color B:

A couple of other updates:

Remember that lawn I planted? Here it is at the 2.5 week mark:

Remember those kittens? Here’s Two at one week:

Compare to Two at 2 hours:

More 1-week-old kitten shots can be found here


  1. Alex:

    I’m home sick too! But I can telecommute so I’m trying to read someone else’s code through a Sudafed haze… not recommended. Looking at cute kitten pictures makes everything better, though. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ava:

    Funny, I was just thinking about knitting in ends this morning, but it didn’t occur to me to do on Mermaid. Thanks for the excellent tip!

  3. Geraldine:

    Get well soon! Knitting is great medicine though so hope that helps!!! Better than any soup or maybe try it with soup on the side… LOL

    Take care, Geraldine

  4. Stacie:

    I hope you feel better. Mermaid is coming along great! What a precious kitten!! It reminds me of Zoe when she was a baby.

  5. Ava:

    Amy, I’m pretty sure I made a mistake but wanted to verify: my fourth hem gusset is a ridge wider than the first three. Have I made a mistake? I just finished it, so it won’t be much to frog.

  6. jessica~:

    The kitties are so cute!

  7. social bookmarks:

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