Adventures in Dyeing, prologue

Like some 279 others, I joined , the swap where we each dye a skein of sock yarn and send it off to a secret partner. Well, we know who we’re sending to, the secret is who is sending to us (somehow, that parses oddly).

I’m aiming to do something self-striping and I want to have some control over how the stripes come out, so I experimented with a DIY warping board and Kool-Aid to make a mini-skein and swatch.

Here’s the short story…

After calculating my gauge and how much yarn would be needed to make stripes of the size I desired, I assembled my warping board and wound up a small amount of yarn:

I mixed up some small amounts of Kool-Aid dye in shades that would contrast strongly:

I dyed the various sections of yarn:

After it dried, I knit up my swatch. Happily, the size of the stripes came out just about exactly as I had planned:

And here’s a close-up:

Over the next few days, I’ll make a series of posts that describe:

  • My fully adjustable, no power tools, $10 warping board
  • How I planned the dye pattern I wanted for my test swatch
  • The dyeing process itself
  • A bunch of handy “household” tools that served double-duty as dyeing aids

Stay tuned!

p.s. to my secret dyer — if you haven’t already guessed, my favorite color is purple. I’m also a fan of darker jewel colors, blues, greens, reds. And I’m adventurous, so go nuts and have fun with what you dye!


  1. DYE-O-RAMA Swap » A self-striped swatch::

    […] I’ve posted some photos of the process on my blog. I’ll be describing what I did in more posts over the next few days. […]

  2. Iraida:

    Can’t wait to hear how you got the warping board. The yarn looks great

  3. Chris:

    Oh, what a BRILLIANT idea for the warping board. I wish I’d seen that before Jeanne and I embarked on the path of darkness…

  4. Tisha:

    WoW, how did u get the yarn to do that? The 2 tone colors…. Very Cool… That peg board thing worked good for me too, i hated the thought of nails any where near my yarn.Keep up the good work.

  5. Sheree:

    too cool. I like the idea of the warping board, can’t wait till that post. I have “Yarns to Dye For”, but can’t actually see myself winding out a 40ft skein.

    The swatch looks great!

  6. Julsey:

    must learn your warping board trick!

  7. Jessica:

    Damn, that looks awesome. Nicely done.

  8. Annette:

    Can’t wait to see how you did your warping board. I think we might have some pegboard in the totally unused “workroom” in our garage I could commandeer.

  9. Becky:

    Wow Amy, that is quite impressive how the stripes came out! It looks professional! Can’t wait to see your “real” attempt at doing a whole skein like that.

  10. Juls:

    Is that pegboard? You’re a genious! I was all set to buy a 2×4 and drill holes for wooden dowels, but I love the flexibility of all the holes already in the pegboard!

  11. Lynne:

    That is so awesome! I always wondered how that happens! Just beautifu, Amy!

  12. Willa Jean:

    Wow! I am well and truly impressed. Just the thought of all that figuring makes my head hurt. (Went to school in the years of “girls don’t do well at math. And believed it for waaaaayyyyy to many years.) Good for you. wj

  13. Stacie:

    That is awesome!! I’m way impressed!

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