Adventures in Dyeing, Part Five: Kitchenware & Candycolors

Okay, you’ve had a few days to absorb the main points of my Adventures in Dyeing. Today I’m going to review a few of the tools that helped me along the way. Most are things that I re-purposed for dyeing. Whether or not you have the same things on hand, or run out and buy them, or don’t, I hope that this post lets you look around at the things you do have in your house with new eyes, thinking about how you can use them for dyeing.

First up, hair clips. I used them to bind together sub-skeins while I was moving them around. I removed them for the dyeing process because I wanted to allow the dye to penetrate better. And I wanted to microwave to set the dye which I can’t do with the metal springs on the clips.

Next up, no one asked about what this platform was that my yarn was laying on:

But I’m finding it one of the most valuable tools in my dyeing experiments. It’s a perforated breadstick baking pan. I think I used it to bake breadsticks only once. But because it’s flat (essentially), and has the holes, it’s a perfect surface to lay out newly dyed yarn to rinse off. I can spread the yarn out a bit and hit it with the sprayer and really force water through it.

After I rinsed off my first dye sample and let it dry, I wanted to wind it up. And after looking around, I turned a cake-leveller into a makeshift niddy-noddy:

Because I had to take a picture of a pretty skein:

I mentioned those teaspoon eyedroppers before. Here’s one again, along with some sub-skeins that I dyed this week. I used some small disposable containers (the ziploc and gladware kinds) as dyepots, squirted dye on the subskeins, and popped the whole thing in the microwave, just like that.

Finally, I leave you with the small jars I’m storing dye in. I’ve labelled each on top with what kind of dye is in it. And when I dye a new color, I toss in a length of extra yarn that I use as a sample later. I’ve tied that around the neck of each jar.

As you can see above, while I’ve been writing about this dyeing episode and posting over the last week or so, I’ve also been doing other experiments in dyeing. I’ll show you those soon.