Something a little different…

Today’s post was supposed to be Further Adventures in Dyeing. I’d written out most of the post. I was just about to make the first save so that I could go back and edit, and then I hit something or clicked something, and the whole thing disappeared. I’m no computer novice, but despite my best efforts, that version of the post was not to be. So, while I let that one rest for another day (and search for a WordPress Autosave plug-in), I’ll show you something else I made recently.

I’m a big fan of Dan Savage. He’s the Editor of The Stranger, a Seattle weekly paper. He’s also widely known for his frank and amusing weekly sex advice column, Savage Love. He’s a gay man in a committed relationship, raising his son with his boyfriend. He’s outspoken on a lot of issues, and in addition to his gay activism, he is always one of the first to point out when political actions threaten straight reproductive rights. He’s an engaging writer and I’ve loved reading his autobiographical books about adopting his son and deciding whether to marry his boyfriend.

Often people write to him asking about a relationship and it’s clear from the description in the letter that the writer is being taken advantage of. Dan’s primary advice is “DTMFA” (dump the motherfucker already). In recent months, in response to Dan’s continued frustration with American politics, and most importantly, the man at the top, a reader suggested ITMFA (I=Impeach). It’s a grass roots movement, and he encourages people to make their own ITMFA projects. He sells lapel pins and buttons (donating proceeds to the ACLU), many have gotten license plates, made bumper stickers, and designed t-shirts.

I decided that there had to be a fiber contribution:

Despite all the other things I disagree with about this administration, I find it hard to believe that an official investigation hasn’t been launched into misleading us about the war in Iraq and the mishandling of it. People are afraid to speak out because they are scared of terrorism, worried about the lives of the soldiers and civilians at the front, and are often accused of being anti-patriotic for expressing concerns and disagreements. Yet, I think these are exactly the reasons people should be speaking out. Freedom of Speech is one of the reasons given for starting the war in the first place. Our personal freedoms are being compromised in the name of fighting terrorism. People are losing their lives in the war. Impeachment is an investigation into the actions of the President. It’s time one was started.

If you want to make your own, I’ve charted the pattern (PDF).