Adventures in Dyeing, The Collected Works

I put all of my Adventures in Dyeing posts together on one convenient page for easy reference. I’ve also linked it to my sidebar under “Topics in Techniques”. Now you don’t need to search through archives to find the posts.

My own dye plans are progressing. I got the dyes I ordered. I got the yarn I ordered, decided the gauge was too fine, and ordered something different. That will arrive on Friday.

I’ve been sketching out different striping patterns. Trying to settle on something. I need to play with the dyes a bit, just to see what I get out of them. That should help me plan. I think I’m going for a mix of wide and narrow stripes. The wide stripes will be the base color. The narrow stripes will be accent colors. When I’m mixing my dye solutions, I’ll dye up some larger chunks of sample yarns and then I’ll line up strands as rows to play with striping ideas.

Update: Because Mari and Chris asked….I ordered some Jacquard acid dyes. And yes, one of them is purple.