More SEX than a girl should have

My local yarn shop started its semi-annual yarn sale yesterday.

Really, that’s all I should have to say. But if you’re hungry for all the illicit details, they’re behind the cut…

(or not, if you’re on Bloglines)

Last time they had this sale, I bought more than expected, but I was fairly restrained. Went in without something specific in mind, except maybe something to make Rogue with. There were a few nice things that I couldn’t resist, and well, I compulsively buy purple.

This time, I still really didn’t have much in mind to do. So I didn’t go yesterday. But on my way home today, I decided to stop in. I planned ahead and bought some ice cream and put it in my trunk as a safety measure — had to get out of there quick so it wouldn’t melt. I also thought I might get some big needles and something fun to make something using scribble knitting (apparently, it’s discussed in Mason-Dixon Knitting, but it’s a simple technique — thick focus yarn, thin infrastructure yarn, really big needles; you can see a sample of what it looks like here).

So I get to the store and I head to the basement where they keep all the sale stuff. Remember, this is yarn that they’re discontinuing, and they bag up dyelots of one color (or grab bags of a few things) and you buy the whole bag or nothing at all. I get downstairs and after the hellos, they point to a big pile of bags on the floor and tell me that it’s all Jaeger Matchmaker DK. Hmm, a nice DK weight merino. Nothing I really have in mind for it, but look, there’s a bag of purple. This stuff is quality merino, it will keep, I’ll be glad to have it in stash. And look, a bag of lavender. And oooh, pretty teal. And what the hell are they doing with all Amy colors?! Okay, breathe, step away from the navy. Gee, I don’t know how the burgundy got in my shopping bag.

I thought that would be the limits of my excess. Just need to find that scribble yarn and get the hell upstairs. But, look, on that table, those bags of Karabella… Wait, is that Aurora 8? Purple, mine! Forest green, mine! Navy blue, mine! Rogue, here I come. And hey, maybe I can also make a Ribby Cardi. So I need contrasting colors. Grab, grab, grab.

In the end, I resisted the cashmere, despite all the invitations to cop a feel. And the other colors of Matchmaker that were calling to me. But a big part of me wants to go back and grab the two bags of black and cream Aurora 8.

So, SEX isn’t complete without a little porn.

This is the Jaeger Matchmaker (that’s really a burgundy at the top, not brown):

Here’s the Aurora 8 for one Ribby Cardi. Not sure which way to arrange the colors yet:

Second Ribby Cardi. I think I’m leaning toward having the grey be the body on this one:

Royal Purple Aurora 8 for Rogue (gee, is it hot in here, or what?):

Oh yeah, I did manage to get something I’ll use for something scribbly. They put all their novelty yarns in “project kit” bags. A bunch of different yarns in a color theme and a pattern to make a fun scarf using all of them. It’s nice because you don’t have to buy a whole bag of Berocco Crystal FX. But you really have to hunt for a bag that has enough yarns that you don’t hate. I ended up getting one that had a red and silver theme. I’ll probably feature several in scribbly. Definitely that Red Quest, which is a metallic ribbon yarn. Gotta pick a color for the laceweight now, probably black.

Anyway, I think I can join Summer of Stash now.

And finally, I forgot to mention it before. I’m a redhead now….

Oh, and yeah, the Haagen-Daaz Chocolate Chocolate Chip didn’t melt.


  1. Jocelyn:

    It’s getting hot in here :-) . Nice selection of new stuff (and nice hair color, too). What’s the name of your LYS? I’m coming to Boston this summer and need some recommendations.

  2. Bron:

    Thanks for sharing the SEX! I love that Aurora 8. Great colors. :) Hmmm…the purple…yummmmm. I also like the red hair! Very you. :) (And purple goes great with red hair. : :wink: :)

  3. Ava:

    What a haul! Is your LYS online?
    You look good as a redhead!

  4. Kim:

    Wow….I feel like such a voyeur… ;)

  5. Alex:

    Whew, steamy! And your hair looks fantastic. Which LYS is this?

  6. Chris:

    The ice cream didn’t melt?! What with all that yarn?! Sheesh! I’m melting. *fans self*

  7. mari:

    Hmm. You and I seem to like the same type of SEX enhacement, buy all the colors that you like and find a home for them. If this is the W&W sale, I’ll be heading there tomorrow. Hope there’s some Jaeger and Rowan left!

  8. Geraldine:

    Wow….great post, sounds like a yarn feast, that’s for sure. Love your hair too, great color!

    Glad I stopped by for a visit, G :)

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