Green and other colors

I spent the weekend cleaning up around the house. The last few weeks have had some travel and some stress and things were piling up. And I needed the house to be functional.

One of the things I unearthed was my May Project: Colorswap package from Jen of MonkeyKnits.

Here’s what I saw when I opened the box:

And inside was a pile of goodies. Mini planters of Parsley and Thyme; a Feng Shui candle; two gorgeous colors of Malabrigo; a green Chibi; a pretty journal; some great little flower magnets (Jen, did you make these?); some fruity ice cubes; a pair of fuzzy socks; and some fab stitch markers (Jen, did you make these?!):

Some close ups under the Ott-Lite:
Rainforest Malabrigo (green and purple!):

Olive Malabrigo:

The stitch markers (is that jasper?):

Thank you, Jen!

This photo might tell you what I did with the rest of my weekend:

Yep, I played with my Jacquard acid dyes. I dyed up a pile of ~20 ft sample skeins in all my colors to play around with. This post is already kind of long, so I’ll describe my colors and process in more detail tomorrow. But why did I dye such long skeins? So I could do this:

Using a piece of perforated paper (commonly used in cross-stitch), I carefully trimmed the sides to expose a set of holes. Then, after winding all my samples into small butterflies, I wound colors around the paper to try out different striping patterns. I used one strand of yarn to represent one row of a knitted stripe and used the perforation notches at the sides to hold each strand in place. Obviously, this pattern is rather simple, and won’t be one getting sent off to my swap partner, but I wanted to show you how it worked. After I eat a bit, I’m going to spent most of tonight trying out different stripes.

Also, about yesterday’s post. From Chris’ comment, I can tell she figured it out, but Mari put words to it. My gauge on Mermaid got tighter as I knit it. So the left front is shorter (and denser) than the right front. Given my above activities (and a lack of good will toward Mermaid at the moment), I haven’t looked closely to figure out how far back I need to rip it to make things right. At least back to the second armhole. Expect to see another post like this soon.