Think Hard…

How will I use this to create self-striping sock yarn?

Nancy J. says it will be my color inspiration and energy source. That’s partially right. But not the key use. Keep thinking.

Anna thinks I’ll line them up in stripes. “It’s either math-related or mouth-related–you will eat them.” She’s right. I have been eating them. And they are math related, but they aren’t lined up.

Wow! Cookie nailed it! I’m randomizing my striping by picking the next color I’ll wind out of the bowl.

And Jessica got the other part — the number of candies of a color determines the proportion of stripes that will be that color. In this case, it should be about even.

I’m calling the technique Candy Striping. :)

Okay, you guys are too good. I’ll have to think of something harder next time.