Next stop, dye

Just wanted to show you what I did with the M&M’s the other night. It’s all wound up and ready to go. It’s soaking in water right now. I will probably do the dyeing tomorrow. And I’m working on one other stripe pattern. I “swatched” two up with the perforated paper and dye samples and they’re stewing for a bit while I decide.

Update: I looked closely at Mermaid. Here she is:

So, it seems that my gauge took a turn for the tight after the last dark purple hem gusset. I’m guessing that’s because I could finally see the end in sight and I was madly knitting to get there. Fast and tight. And looking at it, and how much denser the fabric is compared to the front and how much shorter (I lined up the bottom hems, which you can’t see), I think I will rip back to that gusset and re-finish from there. I don’t think I can block that side that much bigger, so I’m not gonna even try. It should only take a couple of days.

Also, in case you’re wondering what the white yarn is — it’s holding live stitches for the i-cord bind-off.