Mermaid Spreadsheet Update

Having actually finished the body of Mermaid (even though I just frogged a couple dozen rows) I figured I’d proofed knitting the spreadsheet and finally got around to updating it last night. And I mailed it out this morning to my distribution lists. And then I went through my Inbox to send it out to people who have asked me for it in the last week or so. And noticed an e-mail from Dede with a correction that I had marked on the spreadsheet, but then couldn’t make sense of when I was entering it into Excel. So all the ones I mailed out are missing it! And my work version of Excel doesn’t like the file I made at home (pagination is all off), so I give up. I’m not mailing the updated update out until Sunday.

Instead, I’m heading down to a spa in Newport, RI for a relaxing getaway with a girlfriend. We’re both gonna have stuff rubbed and lay around in the sun. After a week of 12+ hour work days, this will be welcome relief. And what will I knit in the car? I don’t think it will be Mermaid. Maybe I’ll try to fix my Rock and Weave socks.

If you are a new Mermaid knitter, I’ve written out line-by-line instructions in a spreadsheet that is available in Excel or PDF formats. If you have the kit and would like a copy, send me an e-mail requesting it. I will reply with a challenge question based on the pattern to verify that you own it. After you answer the question, I’ll mail you the spreadsheet (after Sunday).