Mermaids and Jellyfish

Spreadsheet version 0.91 has now been distributed. If you’re not knitting with it, you’re behind the times!

My spa weekend was lovely. Kim and I had chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne in the room, along with special robes and fuzzy slippers. And we spent about 8 hours in the spa, getting rubbed with various smelly things, laying in the sun in our robes, reading trashy novels, and eating lots of fruit. I got a pedicure with “Bitches Brew”, a lovely dark maroon. We walked into town and had fried brie on garlic bread. As we walked past the marina, we saw lots of small jellyfish in the water. We vowed only to swim in the pool.

Here’s giant strawberries in tuxedos:

I didn’t get any knitting done, but while we were down in the spa, housekeeping cleaned our sink counters and somehow managed to turn Kim’s bead and chain Y-necklace into jewelry vomit. She fussed with it for a while, before I insisted that I had the skills to untangle it. To help me with some “extra hands”, I pulled out the size 1 DPNs I’d brought with me to work on my Rock and Weave socks. When I opened some slack in one part of the knot, I’d slip a needle in to hold it. Eventually, I got it worked out. The moral of the story is “always bring your knitting bag”.

On the way home, we passed people flying kites at the state beach. My camera batteries died so I didn’t get many shots. But I’ll leave you with one. This was early on, and they kept putting out more kites.

I wonder if you could knit a kite. I wonder if I knit a kite if it would qualify me for one of the snark sites.


  1. Chris:

    Your spa weekend sounds FABULOUS. I think I’ll just imagine myself there right now. :)

  2. Geraldine:

    Your weekend sounds great….wish I had been able to be there too! Have a great Thursday, G :)

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