A Knitter’s ‘Dear John’ Letter

I remember when we first met, it was love at first sight. How you felt in my hands, the way the yarn slid over you. How you made things I’d always hated a joy. Very soon, I cast all others aside for you, learning new techniques to avoid using anything but you. Whenever I considered a new project, you were the first place I turned. And we did so much together.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I must confess that my hands have been turned by another. Someone younger and more flexible. Someone who gives me exactly what I need, whenever I need it. Someone with Options. I’ll never find myself fighting with an errant cable. I’ll never find a project stymied by lacking exactly the right needle. I’ll never curse when trying to work a tight stitch.

My darling Addi Turbos, you were my first love and I’ll always hold you dear. And to be fair, no one can replace you for Magic Loop socks just yet. But my infatuation with my new love has so many avenues yet to explore. And I expect it will always give me exactly what I need. So Addi, I’ll keep you around fondly, and I may caress you from time to time, but there’s so much room to grow in this new relationship, and I’m eager to embrace it.

All my love,

(yes, they’re that good)