Tips for Options

So, I’ve unpacked my Knit Picks Options needles and set the case up. Here are a few things I’ve done to organize them. I thought I’d share. I also placed a new order for more stuff.

- The organizer comes with 6 Needle Pocket sleeves, two of each size (1-pocket, 2-pocket, 3-pocket). The 3-pocket pockets are fine for storing one set of needle tips. But you get 9 sets of tips. Right now I’ve doubled them up in obviously constrasting sizes. But I also ordered another set of 3-pocket sleeves.

- The needle tips aren’t labeled with their size. Nor are the pockets in the organizer labeled. I’d ordered some of the Needle Size ID Tags which are intended to be hung on a cable holding stitches to remind you which ones you were using. But because I like easy reference when trying to find The Needle I Want, I decided to stick them in the pockets with the needles to ID the tips. I’ve ordered a couple more sets of ID Tags to actually use on cables as intended.

- The 2-pocket sleeves are good for storing the cables. Unfortunately, there’s no convenient way to label them. In fact, the packaging they came with didn’t even identify which lengths they were.

What else did I order?
- The larger needle tip sizes that aren’t included in the set
- Longer cables that aren’t included in the set

Now I’m off to write them an e-mail asking for the smaller circulars in a 2-socks-at-once magic-loop-friendly 40″ length and also for cable couplers. I’m not sure that I’d ever use the cable couplers to make a really long cable. But I can see that it might have other uses — like transfering stitches from a shorter cable to a longer cable with a minimum of fuss on an ever growing shawl.