They’re on to us!

My knitting e-mail address is a Gmail address. That’s because in addition to all the comments from you and that I leave elsewhere, I also use it to subscribe to the Knitlist and to a number of other knitting sites (knitalongs, etc) and Gmail does a great job at letting me manage that (threaded conversations can’t be beat). Anyway, they do a really good job at spam catching, so today, when I saw a message in my inbox with the subject line “interweave”, I opened it. SPAM! I suppose “interweave” might have been found in a dictionary and I’m just randomly getting it. But I throw in the towel when spam comes with the subject line “magic loop” or “addi turbo”.

I also didn’t read blogs much this weekend, so I’ll share some things I found on catching up….

* I have a thing for miniatures. I don’t collect them, but I’ve made a few tiny things. This takes the cake.
* I have Mason-Dixon Knitting. I haven’t really looked through it closely yet because I had a frenzy of buying knitting books with my Borders Rewards personal shopping day (and if you go nuts enough on one of those, you get another), although I am working up something in scribble knitting that I haven’t shown you yet. Anyway, I glance through the KAL blog today and saw this. I hadn’t been tempted to make anything log cabinish, especially after all the garter stitch in Mermaid. But…but…but…. At least the pattern is out of reach for a while.
* No surprise, I didn’t win anything in the Dye-O-Rama drawing (but Chris didn’t either, for once, so there is justice in the world), so I think I might have to buy myself a sock-blocker keychain kit. I haven’t decided what this year’s holiday ornament will be yet, so I’m tempted to buy several kits and make this. However, my ornament usually has a holiday theme, and even if I used festive sock yarn, I think I’m the only one who would get it. But I also just bought the book so that I could make this star santa as an ornament. Then again, I think last year’s ornament was cross-stitch, so maybe I should knit this year….
* Turns out that Bron started the Ballet Cami over the weekend as well. And I’m two inches ahead of her. But rather than propose a challenge, I cede it to her already, because that woman knits a project without distraction. The 3 or 4 (or more?) other in-progress projects in my stash bow down to her.


  1. Bron:

    Hold those kudos! Once established, a 2″ lead is very difficult to over come. IF, of course, this was a race, WHICH, of course, it isn’t! : :wink: :

  2. Chris:

    Heh, oh well - better luck to both of us the next time! :)

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