I’ve been in Project: Colorswap for several months. And for various reasons, June was the hardest for me to send out. Fortunately, Lynne paired me up with someone who has been as challenged as I have. We both sent our packages out over the weekend and on Monday, my package from Julie arrived.

In the box was this lovely bag:

And in the bag was all this stuff:

Highlights include chocolate, tea, sunprint paper (when is that gonna come in colors?!), penguin ice cube trays, candles, an issue of Simply Knitting, and these things….

A cheeky pencil and eraser set:

Yarny goodness (Patons Divine and Classic Elite Skye Tweed in denim colors):

And the best part of all, a blue dragon with a light-up mouth:

Julie got my package as well. She was the recipient of the candy striped sock yarn I dyed a while back. I also included some lace weight yarn, which she’s going to make into this shawl. And when I went to visit that site, I found a vest pattern that is screaming my name. And I’ll get to try steaks! Whee!

And as if I didn’t have enough projects already, something spurned me on to look at the Mason-Dixon KAL. I’m seeing dishcloths and bibs all over the place. And I’m not motivated to knit them. Really, I’m not. And I’m not all that tempted by a log cabin either. But I looked at the KAL and saw this. That I must make. A blanket and matching pillows. Probably in a lightweight wool. I can’t wait until I can buy the pattern.

However, also on Monday, a purple July package arrived from Amanda. So I’ve decided that it will sit until I can send out hers. Fortunately, due to my compulsive purple purchasing, I already have most of what I plan to send. I just have to finish a couple of little things, and off it goes.

Finally, in Ballet Cami news, last night I was up to 9.25″ inches and feeling proud. But then Bron posted this morning that she’s at 13″ inches. Damn!