Knit a Square

On today’s trip through the Knitting Bloggers Webring, I discovered that Samantha of Me, Myself and Milotis78 is collecting squares for a comfort afghan for her parent’s neighbor, Annette, whose husband recently had a sudden fatal heart attack at age 41. She’s hoping for 72 8×8″ squares in superwash blues and greens. She’s got 1 and a number of pledges. Go help her out. Maybe I’ll use up some random balls in my stash and give that log cabin thing a try.

I got home from work today to discover the latest shipment from KnitPicks with the additional items I’d ordered for my Options needle kit. And discovered that somehow I hadn’t ordered any 3-pocket pocket sleeves. Which is what I needed most. *sigh* *click* *click* *click*

And in Ballet Cami news, here I am at 10.5″:

Of course, Bron, who I am not racing with, has already divided for the front and back and is striding right along. She claims her new contact lenses are slowing her down. And she’s a little annoyed with the gauge differences between circular and flat knitting. Maybe she should frog it back and fix it. And she should definitely spend some quality time with those candle molds she just got. I want to see gargoyles!