Bron wins!

So, it wasn’t an official race. I did have an early lead, but I also had a few distractions. And as I expected, Bron finished her Ballet Cami before I did. Go over and take a look and congratulate her. Really, I wasn’t feeling deathly competitive, it was more like the way I’d race with the other smart kids in classes — mostly good natured, spurs everyone on to do better.

But I did finish the principal knitting on my own tonight:

There’s ends to weave in and crochet trimming to do, not to mention figuring out that booby cinch thing. Bron didn’t do that on hers, feeling it was already a little too low cut. However, for me, it’s been the Summer of Cleavage, so I’m gonna cinch the hell out of it.

After I did the 3-needle bind-off at the shoulders, I tossed it on to see how it fits. It’s very close fitting, but I noted that my gauge swatched relaxed when it went through the washer and dryer. So I made this one with that expectation. And it must look good, because I wore it downstairs and my husband looked at me funny and asked if I’d changed my top. A few beats later, he noticed the strands of yarn hanging all over it and realized it was the item I was knitting all weekend.

The other news is that my latest Rockin’ Sock Club kit arrived on Friday. I wound the yarn up into a ball and tossed it into a bag because I went down to NYC for the weekend. I spent several hours on Saturday at a gabfest and mostly knit on the Ballet Cami. But I did swatch up the new Peaseblossom. Here she is wound into a ball: