Scout has put out a call for people to list their UFOs. I wouldn’t win a prize by any measure, but I have quite a few. So it’s True Confessions time. Here’s what I know off the top of my head. May not be exhaustive.

Baby Surprise Sweater: Everyone who commented on my last post guessed correctly. I cast on during a car trip on Friday and cast off on the return trip. Just needs seams and buttons. And I have plenty of yarn (Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Tuscany(?, must check)) so I’m thinking about making a matching hat. And mama is in labor right now…

Mermaid: Okay, so this is my most recent project notes page for this sweater. Which is woefully out of date. At last check, I’d knit 3 ridges after my last ripback and got edgy about the gauge again and abandoned it for a while. It’s sitting in my coffeetable (which has a neat sliding top that opens to reveal a deep box that my knitting has totally overtaken) waiting for me to decide it’s worthy again.

Scribble Scarf: I haven’t really talked about this one. I started it when I last went to San Francisco, intended to be a party shawl. But time got away from me. It’s black and red and silver. And a quick knit. And I really should finish it. Someday.

Rockin’ Socks II: My Rock and Weave socks. They’re mostly done. They just need to have their buttons attached and ends woven in.

Rockin’ Socks III: I received the package last week. And wound up the yarn and cast on intending for these to be another car project this weekend. But never picked them up again. My head is still puzzling over exactly where I need to break the pattern stitch over my magic loop sides, but I figure I’ll worry about that after I do the cuff.

Ribby Shell: I was surfing some blogs and caught the tank bug a few weeks back. I downloaded this pattern from Chic Knits a while back and bought some Cotton Classic on the way home from work and got started. And got really close to dividing at the armholes and stopped. And lost track of it. Couldn’t even put my fingers on it right now.

Ballet Cami: I started this a couple of weeks ago after seeing it on Bron’s blog. She and I had a little non-race which she soundly tromped me on. And I finished the main knitting. It just needs ends woven in and front cinched up.

Office Surprise: I’ve posted a few pictures of something I’m making for someone at work. It’s a green and white thing. I haven’t said what it is yet. I’ve been working on it a while. But not really. I should work some more on it. Because it will be really cool when it’s done.

Beaded Necklace: I recently finished a Swallow Hill beaded necklace which I modified to make rope length and gave to my best friend. I have another one that I made choker-length for myself. I finished it and sewed the clasp on, but the nylon cord on the clasp broke. I figured out how I want to fix it. I just have to sit down and do it.

Wow, I should update my sidebar to list all of those and feel guilty. Or not.

Anyway, none of those are getting finished tonight or this weekend. Because this weekend is the Boston 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. I’m not walking this year, but volunteering to work at the camp. And I have to clean up at home and pack. But I have skein of Socks that Rock in their Hot Flash breast cancer support color. I think I might just have to start some socks with it to work on during the slow moments at camp. I’m bound to have a few, right?


  1. keri:

    wow, that’s awesome, I’m glad you listed them all. I really need to do that, I have a closet of shame at home with all my UFO’s in it.

  2. Jeanne:

    Nice list of projects - some of these are on my “do in the future” list. My UFO list isn’t too bad - only about 4 things…

  3. Chris:

    The REALLY sad thing is - I posted a list of my UFOs in January or February… and all of those are STILL on it. Plus new ones. Ack!!

    Welcome us all back to bloglines, eh?

  4. Geraldine:

    It is really easy to start isn’t it? For me, its the sewing together and finishing touches that I put off; the crochet and knit part….no prob. But if you don’t sew them together, they ain’t nothing, are they? LOL

    BFN, G

  5. Needles & Hooks » Blog Archive » WIPing Labor Day:

    […] The UFO post from earlier this year has only grown. I started the shawl for my grandmother. And I visited my sister when I was home and saw the Crusoe socks I made her sitting in her craft room. She never told me if they fit her, so I asked because it was clear they were never worn. Well, they fit her ankles but are far too long on her feet. So she put them on, I marked them, and packed them with me. I have to rip out the toes and redo them. […]

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