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Just wanted to pop up a small post to tell everyone that I survived the Boston Breast Cancer 3-Day. I didn’t walk this year, but served on the camp crew instead. Which meant that I carried around and set up many tables and chairs, helped lay out where the tent city would be, was on trash collection duty during all the meals and in tent city, cheered walkers as they came into camp, and wandered around the tents after the walkers came in on Day 2 to make sure no one was trying to nap in dangerously hot tents.

Comparing this year to last year when I walked the 60 miles in Tampa, FL, I think I was far more exhausted at the end of the days when I walked, but I only hurt in my feet and legs. This year, I got some nice bits of downtime during the days when the walkers were out, but every muscle in my body was sore. I got home yesterday and slept for 12 hours.

In the end, I wasn’t organized enough to pack knitting (I wasn’t even organized enough to pack things like sunblock, flip flops, a hat, or a flashlight — a detour to Target on the way there got some of those things, and the 3-Day store in camp provided the others). But my husband stopped by to pick up my stuff at camp after the walkers left on Day 3 and left me my new Rockin’ Socks project, so I worked on that after I was officially discharged from crew duty and waited for the walkers to cross the finish line. Photos later.

I did get in a small craft project when some of the people on my crew decided to transform our t-shirts during our down time on Day 2. I turned mine into a sleeveless v-neck tank with fringe on the bottom. Not only did it look cool (many walkers commented on it), but it helped keep me cooler than the full coverage t-shirt did. The rest of my crew knew I meant business when I put on my t-shirt, made cutting marks, and then folded it carefully to make it symmetrical. I transformed another shirt for another crew member.

Next year, I’ll be walking. And knitting. But not at the same time.


  1. Chris:

    Very cool! I want to see pictures of your transformed t-shirt. :)

  2. Wendy:

    That is awesome that you were involved in the 3 Day!

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