My oldest UFO

Tonight I received the new issue of Cast On in the mail. And reading the article about the new instructions for the Master Knitter’s program, I remember that I started that once and never sent it off. In fact, I did everything but write the report, even though I knew exactly what I wanted it to say. I think it’s been about 2 years, so there’s no way I could take it up again without redoing all the swatches. Anyway, I guess I should ask for a new set of directions and see if I want to take it up again.

However, I am making progress with some of my other UFOs.

I picked up Mermaid again. I think my gauge might be a little too loose now, but I think it will look okay in the end. I’m almost to the last page of my spreadsheet and I laid it out last night and I think it’s gonna measure up okay. Hopefully I’ll finish the body for real soon.

And over the weekend, I had some knitting time while waiting for and during a pedicure, so I made some progress on the third installment of Rockin’ Socks.

Here’s 2 repeats of the pattern:

It’s lacey and open, but really looks like ribbed entrelac:

As for the 2nd installment, they still need buttons. I thought I had the buttons, but I realized that I only have 3 buttons, not 4. So I need to go shopping, and I need some quality time with box of neglected knitting.

In the meantime, here’s what I did with some of the leftovers of Fairgrounds:

I’ve been thinking about using leftover sock yarn to make a blanket of Weavette squares. I think it might be too thin with just one strand woven. But perhaps too thick to deal with doubled. So I’ll have to think some more.


  1. Geraldine:

    What gorgeous colors!!!

  2. Chris:

    Oh, I’ve been thinking about the same thing re: sock yarn Weavette squares… but I never considered the fabric weight. Oh dear.

  3. potikare:

    the last piece is just what i want to make! it looks great with all those colors…could you give a hint on how to do it?

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