Project Knitway?

Like millions of others right now, I’m addicted to Project Runway. And I’ve been thinking about how that might translate to the knit blogging world. Clearly, we couldn’t do a full-scale elimination series like the show, but challenges with restrictive guidelines, things that make us push our boundaries and exercise our creativity would be great fun.

I envision a series of challenges, each with maybe a month to complete. There may be guidelines for materials, or size, or otherwise depending on the challenge. Because I want it to be accessible and possible to complete, I’d specify projects that were relatively compact (no aran sweaters!). Anyone could enter any month. All submissions (photographic) would be reviewed by a small panel of non-competing judges and then 10 or so would be selected for group voting to pick the challenge winner (unlike in Project Runway, no one would be auf’d). Everyone would get the fun of competing. And we would come up with prizes somehow.

Some of the challenge ideas that spring from the top of my head include stuffed toys, shadow knitting, a project that included both knit and crochet, knitting a household item, something felted, a 50gm challenge (use only that much yarn), creative uses of novelty yarns, a hanging ornament. Clearly, the ideas need more fleshing out, but those are some general things that sprung to mind. I think I’d want to combine some ideas, so specify and item and a technique, just to provide a little structure and limitations.

Of course, I’d set up another blog for it and new e-mail addresses for submissions, etc. And while there would be a set of finalists to vote on, I’d also show everyone’s submissions somewhere.

So, what do you think? Would you do it? Would you judge? Do you have ideas for challenges? Am I just crazy? (okay, don’t answer that last one)