WIPing Labor Day

I hearby declare my own personal Labor Day weekend challenge. I’m finishing projects.

The UFO post from earlier this year has only grown. I started the shawl for my grandmother. And I visited my sister when I was home and saw the Crusoe socks I made her sitting in her craft room. She never told me if they fit her, so I asked because it was clear they were never worn. Well, they fit her ankles but are far too long on her feet. So she put them on, I marked them, and packed them with me. I have to rip out the toes and redo them.

So, I have at least 5 projects that I could finish with only a few hours work for all of them. I think those are first. I’m just not sure what my reward will be. Surely, I should get something for each one I finish, right? Maybe I get to start on the idea I have for this year’s holiday ornament?

Speaking of which, thanks for your feedback on my Project Knitway idea. It sounds like people are interested, but maybe not right now. Probably partly because of the upcoming holiday knitting season. You’ve got gifts to make, you don’t have time for silly challenges! So I think I’ll table the idea and kick it off in January. But watch this space. I’ll put together an announcement e-mailing list soon, and also probably set up a new blog just for the Project.