Because she asked…

…I’ll show you my knitting spot. Like most of you, it’s on the couch, in front of my TV. Imagine me sitting in the corner next to the light, cat sometimes behind me on the green blanket, feet propped up on my coffee table. My special Ikea coffee table with the sliding tops. Underneath is one big WIP stash. In this shot, you can see Mermaid peeking out:

Here’s a shot from the other angle, so you can see my ancient TV sitting next to my not-so-ancient Tivo/DVD burner. The coffee table is closed in this shot.

And those WIPs that I showed you a few posts back? Well, here’s the Baby Surprise jacket I was working on. I finally sewed up the seams and made a matching hat. I added some cute star buttons and delivered it. Unfortuantely, mom was out taking a much needed break, so I left it on the porch with a note and mom was surprised and pleased (so I guess it’s a Baby Double-Surprise jacket).

Here’s the fate of another one of my UFOs. I decided it was a TOAD (Trashed Object, Abandoned in Disgust). To be fair, I wasn’t disgusted, just bored. Now that Cotton Classic can become something else someday.

Anyway, before: