Victim of Topology

A while back I made some socks for my sister. And I sent them to her and they turned out to be too big, too long in the foot. And when I was visiting in August, I made her try them on and I marked out how much smaller they had to be. And brought them back with me.

Tonight, I inserted some needles into the row where I wanted to rip back to and started unravelling the toe. But it was slow going. Because at every side decrease, I didn’t have loops that just pulled out, I had a strand actually threaded through loops. I couldn’t figure out what would do that. Then I got to the pattern section, and the problem got worse. Suddenly, I got the sinking feeling that maybe I had knit these socks toe up.

So, I checked my helpful project notes (referenced above) and sure enough, that’s what I did. Oh, how savvy I felt at the time. Modifying the pattern and working it out. And now, I’m just one big frustrated idiot with a sock I can’t even rip out properly.

Well, I have to see if I still have extra yarn around. Because all I need to do is rip back to where I’m holding stitches and knit a toe. And if I have extra yarn, and I can insert small needles into the stitches I want to work from, I can just join some yarn and knit the toe. In fact, I can just cut off the offending extra length of foot instead of trying to rip it out in an orderly fashion. But overall, this will take far more work than I had planned. Ack!