Knitting? What’s that?

Wow, so it’s been forever since I posted. I got consumed by work and had very little time for knitting, much less posting about it. But I did do some knitting. In fact, I learned double-knitting, unvented a 2-color crochet cast on for it, and knit a cool double-knit hat.

I also started a Ribby Cardi and fixed one of my sister’s two socks. I got 2 (!) more Rockin’ Sock Club packages and signed up for next year’s Club. Oh, and cleaning out my comment spam catcher, I got spam from Unicef?!

I’m currently in Los Angeles on work travel, so I can’t post photos, but had some time waiting for experiments to run, so I thought I’d post. I fly home tomorrow, and I think I’ll be knitting the last stitches on Mermaid on the plane!

Now to go catch up on about 2000 Bloglines posts. I wonder when I’ll just give up. Anything special I shouldn’t miss?