That’s where time has gone.

Last I posted, I was gearing up to head to Seattle for a bit of vacation, then to Los Angeles for several weeks of work. And I had fun in Seattle. Went to the Acorn Street yarn shop where I got yarn and some needles and made a couple of scarves for my friend K while we were road tripping. Of course, I took no photos of my finished products.

I also packed my yarn for my holiday ornaments and to work on my Ribby Cardi. But then I got to L.A. And didn’t knit a stitch. I had long days of work, evening meetings, and then all I could manage to do was sit in the hot tub a bit and read before crashing.

I got back home on Saturday and assessed my ornament situation. And swung into high gear on something different. Now I’m making little pillows with my Weavette. Two squares, one beaded, crocheted together and stuffed. I’m in a mad rush to finish them this afternoon so that I can pack them off in the boxes that must be shipped by 5pm. Fortunately, just a bit of crochet left. I’ll take a photo of the one I keep and post it. I swear I will.

And then I’m taking a few days off for sloth. Where sloth will include some knitting. And maybe some organization of my yarn closet which has gotten out of hand. I’m a yarn black hole right now. Yarn comes in, and stays.

Also, I have to work some more on the Ballerina spreadsheet. Those who have it so far have caught up with me!! Eek! And I have a ton of requests for Mermaid and Ballerina sheets to fill. And fill them I will.